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If in the case of the interbank loan document requirements and the financial condition of the borrower can clearly Regula- be interpreted, in the case of a loan for commercial purposes requirements Creux DataRow can vary greatly. Economic independence implies: • the freedom to dispose of own funds of the Bank and mobilization of resources; • free choice of clients and investors; • free disposal of the Bank's income. The interest for the BAP dit is accrued from the date of actual use. The interest for the BAP dit is accrued from the date of actual use. The liability of the insurer under a contract of insurance comes usually 20 working days after the defaulting borrower date repayment of the loan specified in the loan agreement. Describe the main stages in the development of modern a commercial Bank. He is providing us commercial banks on behalf of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation of Chapters- NYM management (National Bank) of the Bank of Russia secured th- public securities. According to the Russian legislation, the Bank is different from all other many financial intermediaries that only he has exceptional Noah the right to carry out in aggregate following banking OPE- the radio: • attracting deposits from individuals and legal ical parties; • placement of attracted funds of legal entities and individuals on their own behalf and at own expense on the terms of the who- vrednosti, interest payment, and maturity; • opening and maintaining Bank accounts of individuals and legal- individuals. Secondly, the increasing role of banks in economic life in General STV is connected with change of the material form of money, namely shirou- Kim the use of funds and calculations. Moreover, "the Banks, especially the issuing Bank, should be free from political pressure, they need to be managed on the principles of mind- governmental Finance." Initially the banks of the upper level is called emission and formed as a joint stock company with special floor- the authority. Thus, in a market economy, banks mediate the movement money, and no other financial Institute such powers does not possess. Trust management of monetary funds and other property soci Operations with precious metals and precious- governmental stones in accordance with the law. the study of the statutes and regulations of view of determining the rights of the Bank to take a pledge issued under cel- do the borrower's assets, including securities. Issuance of Bank guarantees. The reallocation of resources is performed horizontally economic public relations — from the lender to the borrower.

But a gradual change in the socio- economic conditions (the establishment of the feudal order the predominance of subsistence agriculture, the conviction of the early Christians STV intermediary monetary relations) led to remission- the Varna-monetary transactions and together with the operations that today treated as a Bank. Entrepreneurs are more popular mortgage with OS- the etch of the mortgaged property from the mortgagor, as it allows them to continue to do business using the mortgaged property. Pledge as a means of securing the fulfillment of obligations to the credit Thor is governed by the Law of the Russian Federation dated 29 may 1992 No. Pledge as a means of securing the fulfillment of obligations to the credit Thor is governed by the Law of the Russian Federation dated 29 may 1992 No. 6.

Therefore remains a key function of the conductor a money but-the credit policy of the state, and a new understanding economic processes naturally leads to a focus on stabilization in an ever more closely linked to General economic politikoy. pay special attention to the conditions that exempt countries kowshika from liability. 3. 3. In turn, cash- credit policy, along with the budget, is the basis of all state state regulation of the economy. Contents functions of the substitution of cash non-cash money in circulation manifests itself in the process of making payments and payments not in cash (banknotes, Monet Tami), and various means of payment (Bank transfer- mi, checks, etc.). The only exception is the short — term Treasury accounting certification the excellently to assist the government in managing cash resources, and only upon specific request of the Minister of Finance in the pre- cases 5 % of budget income from taxes. Financial loan means direct issuance of money loan- recall on the terms of the loan agreement. The lender (mortgagee) in the event of default by the borrower (for- the logodatel) debt has the right to foreclose on mortgaged- tion of the property, including by sale, i.e.

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Issuance of Bank guarantees.

But not all banking transactions on a daily basis are used in practice specific banking institutions (for example, running international settlements or trust operations).

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